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What is MilkRun and How Does it Work?

Does MilkRun Deliver to My Area?

How Do I Join?

Is There an Order Minimum?

How Do I Know What's In The Box?

Do I Have To Set Up a Recurring Order?

Do I Need To Provide A Cooler?

Can You Deliver to My Work or Office?

Do You Offer Workplace Discounts?

I'm in Portland. Can I Place an Order?

I Have an Existing MilkRun Subscription in Portland. Can I Become a MilkRun Member?

How Many People Does a Box Feed?

Do You Have Gift Cards?

My Orders

How Do I See What's Coming in my Order?

What Is The Deadline For Ordering?

When Will I Receive My Order?

Help! My Card Was Charged But I Haven't Received My Order.

Where Can I Find My Account Information?

How Do I Check the Status of My Order?

How do I Redeem a Coupon?

Ack! I Don't Know What a Product is! What do I do?

My Subscription

Where Can I Find my Subscription Information?

How do I Remove Items from my Subscription?

How do I add Items to my Subscription?

Can I Change How Often I Receive Deliveries?

Can I Change the Items I Receive Each Week?

Can I Customize My Boxes?

When Do I Need to Make Changes to my Subscription?

How Do I Skip a Week?

Do I Need to do anything once my Recurring order is set up?


When will I Receive my delivery?

What sort of packaging will my order come in?

Is There a Delivery Fee

Can I tip my driver?

Do you notify me when my order is out for delivery?

Help! I received an email saying my order has been delivered but I don’t see it!

Do I need to be home?

MilkRun Membership

What are MilkRun Carrots?

Do You Have a Referral Program?

How Do I Redeem MilkRun Carrots?

How Do I Access Recipes?


Are All of Your Products Organic?

I Have a Question About Ingredients/Growing Practices/Farming/Etc.!

Is all your product local?

Is your product certified organic?

How do you support farmers and suppliers?

Product Instructions

I Have a Question About Ingredients/Growing Practices/Farming/Etc.!

Is meat safe to consume if defrosted?

How do I store produce?


Is MilkRun Actually Local?

Do You Offer Workplace Discounts?

Can You Deliver To My Apartment Building?

What are your COVID procedures?

Do you accept SNAP/EBT?

Are you hiring?

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