Artie's Harvest Honey

Artie’s Harvest and MilkRun make the sweetest match!

We’ve been on the lookout for the right honey and boy, does Artie’s check all the boxes.

Started in 2010, this family-owned business was started by childhood best friends in a backyard. The idea was to get the best quality honey possible. Or, as Artie’s Harvest puts it, it’s “the closest thing to honey straight from the hive.” Their honey harvesters ensure the honey is not ultra-heated, preserving the naturally-occurring vitamins, minerals, and pollen in every batch.

Most importantly, Artie’s Harvest maintains a dedicated focus on traceability. They’ve partnered with Northwest beekeepers who share this same passion for transparency. In fact, the honey you buy can literally be traced back to the place bees collected and gathered nectar to make your honey.

Connecting you with local farmers is always our number one mission at MilkRun; it’s for this very reason that we’re proud to partner with the honey heroes at Artie’s Harvest!

Try Artie’s Pacific Northwest Raw Wildflower Honey today!