Coro by Salumi

Coro by Salumi is a Seattle institution that has long been used to having lines around the block for its delectable selection of house-cured meats. For MilkRun customers, we’re so excited to deliver their handcrafted meats to you - and you don’t even have to wait in line!

Add Coro Salami to your order today!

Founded by Armandino and Marilyn Batali, Salumi started releasing some big flavors from its Pioneer Square storefront over two decades ago. Locals quickly started queueing up for truly drool-worthy sandwiches and meats. Over time, operations were eventually handed off to Armandino’s daughter, Gina, and her husband, Brian D’Amato. The run of success continued, but with interest so high, Salumi couldn’t always keep up with the demand.

This success was welcome, of course, but in 2017, as Gina and Brian looked to retirement, they sought new, like-minded owners to take over the reins of the renowned salumeria.

Enter Clara Veniard and Martinique Grigg, two longtime fans (and Harvard MBAs) looking to buy a business together. Their love for the deli, the team, and their family-centric approach was the perfect fit, and in October of 2017, they began running the business as co-CEOs.

Now known as Coro by Salumi, the store is committed to producing cured meat and salami using all-natural ingredients, thoughtfully-sourced spices, and humanely treated vegetarian-fed pork. 

The change in name embraces both traditional meat-curing processes and new celebrations of flavor. “Salumi” is the Italian word for cured meats and “coro” is the Italian word for chorus.

We are 100% here for the sweet meat harmonies coming out of Coro’s kitchens!