Good Wolf

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“Born in Portland. Raised by wolves.” If this is true, we’re howling for Good Wolf’s line of cool and refreshing Water Kefir ... join us? 

Keenan Smith started experimenting with Water Kefir as a healthy, nutritious drink option for his kids. Starting in his home kitchen, he experimented with fun flavors for them as he tinkered with his formulation of kefir cultures, purified water, cane sugar, and mission figs. We can only imagine that having daughters as taste testers played a pretty significant role in getting it right.

In 2016, Keenan moved his traditionally-fermented, small-batch process to a commercial kitchen, where he continued to dial in his line of raw, light, and living probiotic drinks infused with organic ingredients. His flavors have since grown, with flavors like Ginger Lemon, Coconut Lime, Hibiscus Bloom, and Turmeric Gold gaining new audiences every month. And for good reason: these tangy, bubbly beverages make a great entry point for probiotic drink seekers. They’re a great alternative to milk-based probiotic drinks (they’re made in small batches with dairy-free kefir crystals), as well as being lighter, less sour, and containing no caffeine.

And the name, ‘Good Wolf’? It’s inspired by classic tales of good and bad wolves. In Keenan’s world, the good wolf is loving and joyful, choosing to take care of itself through a healthy diet, where the bad wolf is the opposite: fearful, and making poor choices as a result. The name also lends itself to those struggling with mental health issues as they wrestle with their own inner wolf. This cause is dear to Keenan and he intends to throw his support behind mental health awareness as his company continues to move forward.

We’re thrilled to be carrying Good Wolf’s Water Kefir! Add a bottle (or all four bottles) of Good Wolf to your order today!