Happy Mountain Kombucha

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“Happy Mountain Kombucha was created to find that perfect balance between sweet and sour.”

Collectively, our team has tried a lot of kombucha. We’ve had the super-vinegary ones, the sugary-juicy ones, and everything in between. But for us, Happy Mountain Kombucha is all about balance; it really does hit on that perfect mix between sweet and tart, and it’s why we knew it was the kombucha we had to have in our shop.

Happy Mountain Kombucha (HMK) got its start when co-founder Ben Calkins developed it as an in-house option for Portland tea house, Tea Chai Té. It was originally called Oregon Kombucha and used the shop’s high-quality tea as its base. This reliance on the natural flavors of flowers and leaves (and no added juices) gives it its distinct flavor. When Ben eventually moved forward with the company as its own entity, he remained committed to using Tea Chai Té’s cozy teas for his base.

Since 2015, the operation has had homes in an 8x8 tent and several increasingly larger warehouses. In every location, the HMK team brews in small batches with tea, spices, herbs, natural extracts, organic evaporated cane juice, and their culture and starter. They then wait for the kombucha to do its magic, never adding juice or artificial flavors to maintain the health benefits of their non-diluted booch.

Fun fact: The craftspeople at Happy Mountain Kombucha are big fans of the Pacific Northwest and developed their bottle labels to show actual mountains photographed by PNW photographers. These artists’ Instagram handles are printed on the labels, along with the GPS coordinates of the featured mountains. In doing so, the HMK team celebrates their Pacific Northwest roots and encourages their fans to go out and find their own adventure.

Find your mountain and stay balanced by adding some Happy Mountain Kombucha to your next order today!