Macrina Bakery

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Macrina Bakery has been a haven for Seattle bread lovers for almost 30 years. It remains a favorite in large part because of its philosophy of connecting to the community through the magnetism of food.

From an early age, Leslie Mackie was always fascinated with baking. She got the “bread dough” itch as a young girl, watching her grandmother make cinnamon rolls. Her desire to create delectable treats of her own carried her to California Culinary Academy, where she further honed her skills. After working in the culinary industry in Boston, Los Angeles, and as head baker for Seattle’s Grand Central Bakery, she knew wanted to be at the helm of her own shop.

This dream became a reality when Leslie steered her baking talents to open Macrina Bakery in 1993. Upon discovering the unique name, Macrina, she learned it was the name of a 4th-century Greek mystic who started a community based on communally-owned property. This idea of neighbors connected to one another through a place and a desire to live simply and self-sufficiently resonated with Leslie, and she knew she landed on the perfect name. From the start, she set out to use ingredients that were indigenous, organic, and natural whenever possible. This commitment, along with her passion for making rustic loaves, biscuits, muffins, pies, tarts, and pastries—has blossomed beautifully, creating a treasured anchor for our Northwest community.

It’s not uncommon to see Macrina muffins or cinnamon rolls at a Seattle coffee shop, or rustic Macrina bread as a featured component of a sandwich at a local restaurant. Seattleites recognize this bakery as part of the city’s fabric now with its five locations scattered across multiple neighborhoods. It’s truly a community of its own, and it’s why we knew we had to be carrying their items in our store. Add Macrina’s Whole Wheat Loaf, Brioche Buns, Macaroons, or Chocolate Chip Cookies to your order today and break bread with us!