Sea Wolf Bakers

Seattle fresh bread, Seawolf bakery

Sea Wolf has become a kind of street-cred, in-the-know badge for Seattleites to tout. Since its launch in 2014, this Wallingford bakery’s doughy treats have gained fans throughout the city. If you’ve tried their fresh bread … you can’t wait to tell your friends about it. That’s why we knew this was THE daily bread to be offering our customers.

Co-owners/founders Jesse and Kit Schumann cut their teeth as bakers in the years leading up to their bakery’s opening. Jesse attended the San Francisco Baking Institute and then worked at several small bakeries. Kit also honed his craft as a cook and baker in various spots around Seattle and the greater PNW prior to Sea Wolf. Upon founding their bakeshop, they wanted to create a craft bread space to mix, shape, and bake, while highlighting seasonal vegetables and fruits from local markets.

All Sea Wolf bread is made from regionally sourced grains. Their all-purpose white flour is from Shepherd's Grain, who source from farmers throughout the Pacific Northwest; their rye flour, rye berries, and whole wheat flour come from Cairnspring Mills, in Burlington, WA; and their barley flour is from is from Fairhaven Mills, in Burlington, WA.

A few fun facts about Sea Wolf:

  • The name ‘Sea Wolf’ references an old Jack London novel, but also evokes the badass sea wolves who prowl the coastlines of Vancouver Island.
  • Their Sourdough Bread is a true rockstar of Seattle. It’s got the rustic crust, the perfect rise, and you’ll find plenty of fluffy, aerated bread pockets within.
  • According to their website, you can visit their physical storefront and they’ll give you their levain (sourdough starter) for free for you to try at home!
  • They don’t use tree nuts or peanuts in any of their bread or pastry products, and regularly check their products for cross-contamination.
We’re so proud to be offering Sea Wolf bread in our store. Get on board and let your inner wolf loose by adding a loaf of Sea Wolf Sourdough to your order today!