Silver Julep

“May our spirits be stirred or shaken but never broken!”

Picture this: A gleaming Airstream trailer. A kickass, award-winning Portland bartender. A collection of bottles filled with sweet, sour, punchy, spicy, juicy elixirs. That’s Silver Julep in a nutshell—err, trailer—and we’re delighted to now be carrying their seasonally-inspired cocktail mixers.

With 20 years of hospitality experience under her belt, Kate Bolton has earned high praise in her career: Oregonian’s Portland Bar of the Year in 2016, 7x7 Magazine’s Best Cocktail Menu for Maven in 2014, Eater & Nighty Awards Bartender of the Year in 2013 and 2014 … the list goes on. With Silver Julep, her mobile bar business, she wanted to create her own craft cocktail experience to bring to weddings, festivals and special events. However, with the onset of the pandemic, she knew she had to pivot to something new, and so created her line of seasonal mixers.

Working with real fruit and vegetables, Kate uses her wizardry to transform mocktails and cocktails into refreshing chalices of fresh flavor. She still operates out of her Airstream in Sellwood, in southeast Portland, but these days, it’s all about the mixers. Her operation will always be a sight to behold, and fun fact: this is where we got to know her as we’ve been hanging at our own MilkRun market table at the Sellwood Market on Thursday nights. That said, for those who can’t make it, we’re delighted to be offering these concoctions to our customers. They’re truly a treat and a great way to stay connected with one another, and one of the trailblazing craftspeople in our community.

We’re currently featuring two flavors, Sugared Snap Pea and Mint Mojito and Roasted Strawberry and Jalapeño, so step up your at-home happy hour and add a Silver Julep Mixer to your next order today!