Beet Basics to Showstopper Soups & Salads

Beets can seem daunting, but were' here to break it down! The below video can be considered your 'skeleton key' of all the possibilities that lay ahead. 

Now that you've got your perfectly roasted beets, why not chop them up for this bright and delicious Beet & Shaved Fennel Salad?

Beet and Shaved Fennel Salad:

To Marinate beets:
Roast, and peel approximately 1 pound of fresh, amazing beets.
While still warm from roasting--but not too hot to touch--cut beets into cubes, irregular polygons, or jagged, torn chunks.

To the now cut down beets, add:
a few good splashes of red wine vinegar
a teaspoon of salt
black pepper
a small handful of minced dill or tarragon

After 20 minutes or an overnight chill in the refrigerator, combine all of your marinated beets with:

1 bulb of fennel (smaller than an orange, but at least as big as a lemon) shaved into 1/16" shavings, against the grain, and (optional) soaked in ice water for 30 min.
1/4 white or yellow onion, shaved in a similar fashion, but no ice bath necessary
1/4 cup of picked dill fronds
2 Tablespoons of torn mint
Any salt or pepper you find complimentary
Red wine vinegar and olive oil--we recommend dressing, but lightly.

Smear a healthy mound of Greek yogurt or Fromage blanc on a good-sized dinner plate
Toss all of your prepared ingredients together in a bowl to dress fully, taste, and adjust salt/vinegar if necessary.
Plate the salad on a bed of yogurt/cheese and if you are feeling yourself, throw a big handful of toasted, chopped pistacchios on top, maybe even another splash of rich, green olive oil.



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