Hidden River Farms = Hog Heaven

Seattle Bacon Deliver


Hidden River Farms sent us a “porkload” of goodies this week and we could not be more excited to share their products with you.

Evan Mulvaney and Lucia Wyss raise their heritage pigs (Berkshire and Tamworth) in the foothills of the Olympic Mountains. Not only do these ranchers maintain their own breeding stock, they run their own custom feed mill. It’s sustainable animal husbandry at its finest and their commitment to this process shines through in each cut of meat.

We are absolutely thrilled to have more of their product on-hand, and you better believe we’ll be loading them up in the meat box coming to your doorstep on July 6. 

Fun Fact: Hidden River Farms uses our partner Revel Meat Co. for processing.

Want to bone up on your pork chop skills? Revel Meat Co's Ben Meyer has you covered in the video below.