Pork Chop Dinner : Chef Ben Meyer


Ben Meyer, of Revel Meat Co. and longtime Pacific Northwest farm to table Chef teaches us how to make pork chops and greens.

As part of the MilkRun Feed the Industry Challenge, we asked Ben to cook a meal with local ingredients and tag another PNW Chef to pay it forward.


MilkRun Feed the Industry Challenge

At MilkRun, our mission is to support the people who feed us. This always means farmers, but in today's world, there are thousands of others who used to feed us that can't anymore, namely restaurant workers. And many of them need our help.

That's why we created the Feed the Industry Challenge. The rules are pretty simple: Portland chefs get challenged to cook a meal on camera using MilkRun ingredients. When they accept, MilkRun delivers tons of farm-fresh groceries for their staff who might be laid off or are working reduced hours. Then, the chef "serves" their meal--and the challenge--to another chef to do the same.