Welcome to The MilkRun Subscription!

Welcome to Your MilkRun Subscription!
Here is what that is all about:
  • Free delivery
  • Curated boxes prepared every week by our team of seasoned Chefs and farmers
  • Weekly videos showing you what you can expect
  • Your dollars go directly to small and mid-size farmers in the PNW
  • Awesome food every week
  • Recipes put together by MilkRun Chefs
  • Exclusive content 
  • Access to limited edition events and collaborations
  • Discounts and promotions from local partners
  • Kitchen tips and how to guides
  • Stories about your farmers, butchers, and bakers.
  • Full transparency from the field to your plate, we can track every part of your food's journey and are happy to tell you about it.
  • If you care about food, you should eat food grown and prepared by people who love food.
  • Peace of mind : your food is responsibly sourced, undeniably fresh, and most of all safely delivered.
  • Give and get : you receive $20 off for every friend you refer and they receive $20 off too!
  • If you ever need anything please don't hesitate to email us : members@localmilkrun.com


We're happy to have you,

The MilkRun Team