About Us

Who we are

MilkRun is run by farmers, chefs, bakers, and makers. We love food. For us, a big part of loving food is knowing the farmers who grow what we eat. We want you to be able to know these people too. So we're building a company where the people who grow food and the people who eat food are as connected as possible.

Good food should be simple

milkrun employee holding milkrun box

Getting good food shouldn't be difficult. Food shouldn't have to travel 1,500 miles and stop at three different processing facilities before it reaches us. Fresh, local food is growing all around us. Everyone should be able to access it.

This is the future we're building at MilkRun. A future where local farmers bring the food they grow to us and we bring that food to you.

MilkRun exists to serve small farms

An astonishing 10,000 small farms close every year in the United States. Farmers do all the work of farming, marketing, and transporting their goods themselves. We take on the marketing and logistics involved with selling and delivering food to customers so farmers can focus on why they got into farming--growing delicious food!

Meet Our Founder, Julia

Julia Niiro is the founder, CEO of MilkRun-- a company that is radically changing how people eat. Starting local, MilkRun began with neighbors and her local community. She has now grown that community to thousands of families. Her mission is still the same, get real people real food.

Watch Julia's TEDx Portland talk where she shares her vision for the future of food.