Fruits & Vegetables - Large

Fruits & Vegetables - Large

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We're committed to sending you the BEST produce we can find. Which means the below list is subject to change based on supply availability and quality. That's why we always have a backup plan - just in case supply runs short. We thought we should let you in on that too, so we're including planned substitutions in our produce box descriptions. Yay!

Here's what we're sending your way this week, Seattle:

  • 1 lb. Yellow Wax Beans, Alvarez Organics, Mabton, WA 
  • Carrots - Ralph's Greenhouse - Mt. Vernon, WA
  • Beets- Ralph's Greenhouse - Mt. Vernon, WA OR Purple Sprouting Broccoli - Willie Green's Organic Farm - Monroe, WA
  • 2 lb. Pink Lady Apples - Collins Family Orchards - Selah, WA OR Galia Melons -  Schreiber & Sons Farm - Eltopia, WA
  • 1 english cucumber OR Padron Peppers - Alvarez Organics, Mabton, WA
  • 1 lb. Mixed Zucchini Squash OR Walla Walla Onion - Alvarez Organics - Mabton, WA 
  • Bunched Basil OR Thai Basil - Alvarez Organics - Mabton, WA
  • 1 lb. Red Haven Peaches- Collins Family Orchards- Selah, WA
  • Rainbow Chard - Dharma Ridge - Quilcene, WA OR Corn - Alvarez Organics - Mabton, WA
  • 6 Apricots - Collins Family Orchards - Selah, WA

Food comes from farms. 

Perfect produce, directly sourced from farms in the Pacific Northwest, is the cornerstone of your MilkRun membership. Working in tandem with our partner farms, MilkRun chooses the best seasonal produce available for your weekly delivery. Expect a rotating selection of vegetables and fruit that change according to the season.

We recommend this option for homes with two or three eaters. If you like lots of produce or have more people in your household, consider getting two with your weekly delivery.