Yakisoba Kit - Portland

Yakisoba Kit - Portland

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Please note this kit is currently available exclusively for delivery to Portland and Vancouver customers.

Portland native Lola Milholland knows noodles. After soaking up all the Japanese culture she could (from the age of five!), she founded Umi Organic with the desire to create her own healthy, organic, soul-nourishing noodles—and those dollar alternatives at the grocery store don’t hold a candle to ‘em.

Lola’s story inspired us to create the best Yakisoba you’ve ever had. All the ingredients you need are right here: Fresh local produce from Pablo Munoz Farms and Groundwork Organics, Umi Yakisoba Sauce, and the star of the show, Umi’s award-winning Yakisoba Noodles. All you need is a pan, some oil, and some quality time with your stovetop.

The kit includes Umi Organic yakisoba noodles, Umi Organic yakisoba sauce, your choice of protein (ground pork, Szechuan bacon, or tofu), and a seasonal selection of local vegetables to complete the meal.

Here's an example of the veggies to expect in your kit:

  • Cilantro
  • Bunched Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Yellow Onion

*1 Kit makes approximately 3-4 servings.